QR: New sieve calibration certificate with QR.

QR: New sieve calibration certificate with QR.

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With CISA SIEVING TECHNOLOGIES, from now on you can use your mobile phone to visualize all your sieve calibration certificates on your phone. With the new CISA QR codes you will only have to scan your sieve sticker to access your certificate from your mobile phone (or any other mobile device). It’s that simple!

On the CISA SIEVING TECHNOLOGIES Certification Laboratory, we perform laboratory sieves calibrations (original CISA as well as any brand or manufacturer), industrial sieves, metal fabrics, perforated plates and synthetic fabrics. A calibration that we carry out by means of automatic systems of artificial vision and according to the last requirements of the norms ISO 3310.1, ISO 3310.2, ISO 3310.3, ASTM E-11, ASTM E-161, ASTM E-323.

The ability to store and organize information is one of the main advantages of the QR code. Although this technology already existed before the Covid-19 pandemic, QR codes have experienced a remarkable boom as a tool to avoid direct physical contact, since they function as a bridge between the physical and digital worlds. Similar to bar codes, a QR code is an image that contains information that is interpreted by a camera as a hyperlink. QR codes have a large amount of information (up to 4,296 characters) in each one, so they facilitate communication in a dynamic way and according to the new forms of communication.

The main advantages of this new support in the calibrated sieves are

  • Personalization: The QR code you will find on your calibrated sieve is unique and invariable for each associated sieve certification.
  • Immediacy: The transfer of information is done immediately; users only have to capture the code with their terminal and immediately receive the contents.
  • Paperless office: QR codes are one of the tools that contribute to the goal of a paperless office: not only will it benefit the environment; it will also help you optimize operations and reduce costs.


Scan QR code with your phone

Just scan it with your favorite application

  • If you have an iPhone, you can scan the code directly with your camera.
  • If you have a Samsung device with Bixby, just open the camera, tap on Bixby Vision and it will recognize you automatically.
  • If you have any other Android device, just download a QR code reader from Play Store.

Contact the After Sales Service for the calibration of your laboratory sieves: it will avoid errors due to subjectivity in the taking of measurements by operators, it will ensure a lower degree of uncertainty and it will increase the reliability of the results obtained.


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