Solid Biofuel Guide


The described equipment complies with European standards EN-15149-1 and EN-15149-2


2.Proposed sieves

LARGE OPENINGS: from 3,15mm.Ø to 63,00mm.Ø.  EN 15149.1

Sieves with a useful screening surface of 1200 cm², corresponding to sieves of 400mm.Ø x 100 mm.H. with perforated plate with round perforations.

The sieves must be perfectly stackable between them and have a set of cover and bottom

Biofuel Guide 1

SMALL OPENINGS: from 0.25mm.Ø to 2.80mm.Ø.

Sieves of 200mm Ø x 50 mm # are accepted. Openings according to ISO 3310.1 standard of wire mesh.

Biofuel Guide 2

3. Accessories

3.1. Sample splitter (Quartering)

Preparation of samples of size < 3.15mm.

It is recommended to use a 1/4 ” (6.3 mm.) sample splitter

Including 3 trays and a picker

No. Divisions: 14

Dimensions: 150 x 190 x 165 mm

CISA Code: 6461061

CISA cuarteador

3.2 Brushes for screen cleaning

Brushes for sieves cleaning

  • Recommended for openings > 2.00 mm.
  • 65mm.Ø x 175 mm. L
  • CISA Code : 61001

Brushes for sieves cleaning

  • Recommended for openings from 0.200 mm. to 1.80 mm
  • 40mm.Ø x 100 mm. L
  • CISA Code: 61002
Cepillos para limpieza de tamices

3.3 Laboratory scale

Laboratory scale model K3R-15KD SE

  • Capacity: 15 Kg – Resolution: 0.5 g
  • Plate dimensions: 400 x 300 mm.
  • Control unit dimensions: 220 x 180 x 83 mm.
  • External dimensions: 400 x 495 x 90 mm.
  • Plate material: Stainless steel
  • Total weight: 7,4 Kg
  • CISA Code: 65K3R15
Balanza de laboratorio

3.4 Digital Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker BA400N for 400mm Ø sieves. Also suitable for 200 mm Ø sieves. Specially designed for accurate testing of large samples.


Closing system including threaded bars and head. 3-D movement, combining a vertical movement with an horizontal one over the whole surface of the sieves.  Robust, maintenance-free mechanics, suitable for work in difficult environments. CE marking.

  • It includes 10 pre-selected screening programs from the factory and the possibility of user modification.
  • Capacity up to 8 sieves of 100mm. high.
  • Maximum load: 50 Kg (sieves + product)

Programmable parameters:

  • Sifting time.
  • Power.
  • Rotation speed.
  • Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation time.
  • Suitable for wet sieving (set of lid and bottom for wet sieving not included).
  • Net weight: 50 kg (without sieves).
  • Voltage: 230V ­ 50 Hz or 110V/60 Hz.
  • Power consumption: 1400 W max.
  • Screening range: From 80.00 mm. to 45µm.
  • CISA Code: TZBA400N
Tamizadora digital BA400N

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