Throughout many years, in CISA SIEVING TECHNOLOGIES we have had the opportunity to collaborate with Universities and Educational Centers, not only as quality suppliers of granulometric equipment, but also we have given specific courses about sieving. Our will is to collaborate closely with these Institutions, in order to make known our experience and knowledge in this field.

Sieves for particle size determination and quality control of solids from 125,00mm.# to 20µm. #, used in Universities and research centres: Geology, Mining, Archaeology, Biology, Pharmacy, Biomedicine, Agriculture, Materials Engineering, Chemistry, Petroleum, etc.

  • Calibration of sieves and sieve shakers.
  • Sieving equipment for granulometric tests.
  • Sieve in plastic material.
  • We manufacture special separation sieves for research centres, from phytosanitary, biological, petrochemical laboratories, etc.

Our wide experience guarantees that we find the best solution to each requirement.

We offer as standard equipment a sieving kit composed of a BA200 sieve shaker, a set of 8 sieves of 8,00mm.# – 4,00mm.# – 2,00mm.# – 1,00mm.# – 500µm.# – 250µm.# – 125µm.# – 63µm.#, with pan and cover, a rack for sieve placement and a sieve cleaning kit.

We work for the industry in different sectors

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