Sieve Calibration Services

We put at your disposal our sieve inspection and calibration laboratory. We calibrate:

  • Laboratory sieves
  • Industrial Sieves
  • Metal Fabrics
  • Synthetic Fabrics
According to ISO 3310.1, ASTM E-11, ISO 3310.2, AFNOR NF X11-504, ISO 9044, BS 410.

On demand we issue Sieve Calibration Certificates with traceability to standards, according to the requirements indicated in the standards ISO3310.1, ISO3310.2, ISO3310.3 and their corresponding equivalents ASTM E11, ASTM E323, ASTM E161.

Thanks to our machine vision inspection equipment, we analyze many more openings than those made by an operator, thus achieving highly reliable results due to the greater amount of sample analyzed.

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Sieve Shaker Calibration Service

CISA SIEVING TECHNOLOGIES has developed a specific equipment for the calibration of all kind of electromagnetic sieve shakers and aspiration screening equipment, which analyses the main parameters that affect the correct adjustment of the sieve shakers, in order to guarantee the maximum repeatability of the tests.


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IQ/OQ Certificates

We have developed a Certification for Installation Qualification (IQ) and for Operation Qualification (OQ), for customers who require additional certification for their testing processes or production applications.