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Filter Elements


The filtering elements are cylindrical or flat elements, built with metallic fabric and optionally, with reinforcement meshes or perforated plates when the work requirements require it.

The advantages of using wire cloth are due to its own nature:

  • Resistance to high and cryogenic temperatures
  • Mechanical, wear and scratch resistance.
  • Weldability
  • Magnetism when using ferritic steels, or amagnetism when using austenitic stainless steels.
  • High precision and stability of the mesh.
  • Reproducibility of results
  • Non-deformability of the meshes during filtering
  • High porosity.

Therefore, filters made of wire mesh are especially suitable when

  • They are used in aggressive and/or corrosive environments
  • Filtration of radioactive elements
  • Separation and/or filtration of organic elements
  • Filtration in biochemical or pharmaceutical industry equipment .


How to choose the right metal wire mesh?

First of all, the material or alloy must be determined. Factors that determine this are the nature of products to be treated, the working temperature, and the presence of possible contaminants.

Secondly, we must determine the mesh size or opening, which is conditioned by the size of the particles and its particle size distribution.


Filtering cylinders and sieves

Filter cylinders and sieves are manufactured from 10 mm Ø and lengths on request. Range and filtration: from 8 µm in REPS type filtering meshes and from 20 µm in ISO 9044 meshes. Also, with round (from 500µm.Ø) or square (from 4 x 4 mm.) perforated plates. They can be manufactured in different finishes, polished, with reinforcements, blind bottoms, threads or extraction handles.

The main applications of this type of handling:

  • Hydraulic filters
  • Retention of particles in suspension in liquid phases
  • Pre-filtration
  • Safety filtration
  • Filter cartridges for plastic recycling

Wire mesh discs

The wire mesh discs are manufactured from 7.00 mm Ø. Filtration range: from 8 µm in REPS type filtering meshes and from 20 µm in ISO 9044 meshes.

They can be manufactured with aluminium or stainless steel rings.


Filter baskets

Filter baskets are custom-made pieces where the perfect coupling of the basket is required in continents of different sizes and shapes, and to carry extraction handles. Depending on the opening of the mesh, they must be made with mesh or perforated support plates.

They are mainly used as baskets for the extraction of coarse particles in suspension.

The most common materials used for manufacturing are austenitic stainless steels AISI-304 or AISI-316.


Pharma spare parts and sieves


For the Pharmaceutical Industry, we manufacture a wide range of spare parts for granulation, grinding and drying equipment, adapting to the demanding requirements of this sector.

In all this equipment, the use of stainless steel AISI-316 or AISI-316-L is mandatory, as well as FDA adhesives when constructively necessary.

Depending on the use of these spare parts, we can manufacture different models:

  • Sieves for granulators, built with metal fabric, perforated plates. Parts marked by laser for identification and traceability. Finished with mechanical polishing, mirror type or electropolishing.
  • Circular sieves
  • Remeshing of process sieves.
  • Metal filters for dust collection or filtering.

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