3 Steps to clean sieves

Step 1: Have your CISA Clean Kit available, consisting of 1 litre bottle of neutral super-concentrated liquid detergent, special brush for mesh sizes below 150µm and upper 160µm, and narrow brush for cleaning the joint between the wire mesh and the frame.
Step 2 Preliminary: 
Depending on the sieve mesh size, choose the suitable brush either with a mesh size of less than 150µm (brush 1) or more than 160µm (brush 2). When  the brush has been chosen, first brush the up sieve surface and then on the bottom sieve with the purpose to remove the particles retained on the mesh. Use the narrow brush (brush 3) to brush sieve mesh to the frame. First from the top and then from the bottom.
Step 3: Manual cleaning or Ultrasonic cleaning (if we have ultrasonic bathing equipment).
· MANUAL CLEANING: Prepare a 1% solution of super-concentrated detergent with water, and with the help of a cloth, moisten it and rub the walls of the frame. Then rinse the sieve with water and then dry it with a cloth or chamois. Now your sieves are clean.
· ULTRASONIC CLEANING (if we have ultrasonic bathing equipment): In the water tank, add 1% super-concentrated detergent. Recommended time: 10 minutes.  If a heatable tank is available, we recommend a temperature between 35º and 40º Celsius. Rinse the sieve with water and dry it with a cloth or chamois.  Once the sieve is dry, if necessary, go over the mesh and the frame joint with the help of the narrow brush (brush 3). Now your sieves are clean.
Always with CISA Clean Kit, easy to use for longer sieve life.

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