In more than 120 years of activity, CISA SIEVING TECHNOLOGIES has collaborated and developed multiple projects for the industry in general.

The laboratory sieve, one of our most recognized products, is a key element for the granulometric analysis, used in many sectors of activity.

We also manufacture special sieves adjusted to specific standards for each sector.



  • Sieving of residues, milling by-products, separation of solid residues.
  • Separation range from 125 mm. # to 100µm. #.
  • Control sieves from 60mm.Ø to 300mm.Ø.
  • Process sieves, from 350mm.Ø to 600mm. Ø.
  • Remeshing sieves and Industrial sieves up to 2000mm. Ø.
  • Vibroseparator equipment.


Recycling Industry



  • Certified and / or calibrated test sieves. On request with all parts in contact with the product in AISI-316 stainless steel. In accordance with the European Pharmacopoeia.
  • Mirror polished finishes.
  • Sieves according to following standards: ISO3310.1 ; ISO3310.2 ; ASTM E-11 ; ASTM E-323 ; ASTM E-161.
  • Process sieves up to 600mm.Ø.
  • Sieves with electroformed sheet up to 3µm.#.
  • Sieves for ultrasonic vibration.
  • Calibrable electromagnetic and aspiration laboratory sieve shakers.
  • Cyclones for sample recovery.
  • IQ / OQ certification of the equipment.
  • Spare parts and repair of filters for mixers and granulators.
  • Meshes for fluidized beds and reactors.
  • Remeshing industrial sieves with adhesives FDA.


Pharmaceutical Industry



  • Sieves for control of grains and cereals, with round and elongated perforated plates according to ISO5223 and ISO3310.1.
  • Specific sieves for flour, coffee, rice, tobacco, cereals, legumes and seeds.
  • Specific standards ISO4150 (Coffee); ISO15793 (Semolinas); EN12580.
  • Control sieving equipment.


Agriculture Industry



  • Certified test sieves for ceramic powders, frits, etc.
  • Range of openings from 4.00mm. # to 20µm.#
  • Laboratory electromagnetic and aspiration sieve shakers.
  • Industrial Sieves up to 2000 mm Ø and overlocked.


Ceramic Industry



  • Sieves for determination of granulometries and quality control of solids from 125.00mm. # to 20µm. #, used in Universities and research centers: Geology, Mining, Archeology, Biology, Pharmacy, Biomedicine, Agriculture, Materials Engineering, Chemistry, Oil, etc.
  • Calibration of sieves and sieves.
  • Sieving equipment for particle size tests.
  • Sieves in plastic material.





  • Certified sieves for testing of mineral samples. Wet sieving and aspiration screening equipment.
  • For tests according to EN932 standards, EN933, EN13383, ASTM B214, ASTM D4749, ASTM D5709.
  • Sieves for field tests of 60mm.Ø, 75mm.Ø and 100mm. Ø.
  • Vibro-separator equipment up to 800mm. Ø.
  • Metal mesh sieves with special staples for vibratory equipment.


Mining Industry


Fuel / Biomass

  • Certified 200mm.Ø and 400mm. Ø.
  • For tests according to ISO17225-1 standards, ISO17827-1, ISO17827-2, EN15149-1, EN15149-2, EN17225,  ASTM E-1126.
  • Manufactured both with metal mesh and with round perforation plates.
  • Sieve calibration service.
  • Test sieve shakers for 400mm sieves Ø for pellets.
  • Sample collection bottoms and dosing cups.


Biomass Industry


Food Industry

  • Sieves for quality control of spices, dyes, flours, sugar, etc.
  • Vibro-separators up to 800mm. Ø.
  • Electromagnetic and aspiration laboratory sieve shakers.
  • Remeshing service for industrial sieves, up to 2000mm.Ø.


Food Industry

We work for the industry in different sectors

Cedaceria Industrial en el sector farmaceutico
Cedaceria Industrial sector agricultura
Cedaceria Industrial en el sector ceramico
Cedaceria Industrial en el sector educación
Cedaceria Industrial en el sector de la minería
Cedaceria Industrial en el sector biomasa
Cedaceria Industrial en el sector del reciclado
Cedaceria Industrial en el sector alimentario