The importance of calibration in laboratory equipment

The importance of calibration in laboratory equipment

All companies need to ensure that the results provided by the measuring equipment we have in the laboratory are correct. The Calibration’s Equipment, is the only way to control all the variables of our processes, guarantee the quality of our products and offer all the security that the current market demands.

Another key point is to obtain reliable data that allows us to make the analysis and consequent important decisions. Improving production processes and avoiding over-costs that are detrimental to us is our competitive edge.

With the own use of the equipment, the wear, the changes of temperature or the simple mechanical stress of an exhaustive use, it ends up deteriorating some of the main functions, altering some of the measures that contribute the confidence in the values provided by the equipment.

For this reason, it is essential to have a calibration service that allows companies to carry out exhaustive control of the equipment and to advise them on obtaining periodic accreditation certificates. Having the equipment in our laboratory calibrated is becoming an imperative need in order to obtain the various certifications, approvals or simply pass the numerous audits that in some sectors are essential to continue with their activity.

At CISA we have two specialised calibration services: sieve shakers calibration and sieve calibration, with outstanding innovations. Contact the After Sales Service.

Sieve calibration

At CISA SIEVING TECHNOLOGIES calibration laboratory, we carry out calibration of

  • Laboratory sieves: both original CISA sieves and those of any brand or manufacturer
  • Industrial sieves
  • Metallic fabrics
  • Synthetic fabrics
  • Perforated sheets
  • Electroformed sheets

The calibration of sieves is carried out by means of automatic systems of artificial vision, in accordance with the latest requirements of the standards ISO 3310.1, ISO 3310.2, ISO 3310.3, ASTM E-11, ASTM E-161, ASTM E-323.

These automatic calibration systems avoid errors due to subjectivity in the taking of measurements by laboratory technicians, which ensures a lower degree of uncertainty, increasing the reliability of the results obtained.

New sieve calibration certificate with QR

With CISA SIEVING TECHNOLOGIES, you can now use your mobile phone to display all your sieve calibration certificates on your phone. With the new CISA QR codes you only need to scan your sieve sticker to access your certificate from your mobile phone (or any other mobile device) – it’s that simple!

The ability to store and organise information is one of the main advantages of the QR code. Although this technology existed long before the Covid-19 pandemic, QR codes have experienced a remarkable boom as a tool to avoid direct physical contact, as they work as a bridge between the physical and digital world. Similar to barcodes, a QR code is an image that contains information that is interpreted by a camera as a hyperlink. QR codes have a large amount of information (up to 4,296 characters) in each one, so they facilitate communication in a dynamic way and according to the new forms of communication.

The main advantages of this new support in the calibrated sieves are

  • Personalization: The QR code that you will find on your calibrated sieve is unique and invariable for each associated sieve certification.
  • Immediacy: The transfer of information is carried out immediately, the user only has to capture the code with his terminal and immediately access the content.
  • Paperless office: QR codes are one of the tools that contribute to achieving the goal of a paperless office: not only will they benefit the environment, but they will also help you to optimise operations and reduce costs.


Contact the After Sales Service to request the calibration of your laboratory sieves by QR.


Sieve shakers calibration

It is recommended that laboratory equipment must be calibrated at least once a year. At CISA SIEVING TECHNOLOGIES we have designed a device that allows us to calibrate sieve shakers of all brands and for both electromagnetic and air-jet sieve shakers.

This is a new and more complete calibration service because it ensures the main parameters with which the equipment performs the granulometric tests: the sieving time and the vibration amplitude in the case of electromagnetic sieve shakers. Rotation speed and pressure, in the case of air-pressure sieve shakers.

The main advantages of this calibration system are

  • Ensure the repeatability and consistency of the tests.
  • Detect failures and extend the useful life of the equipment
  • Ensure process controls.
  • Facilitate and complement documentation for audits
  • Sifting with greater conformity and thus avoiding costs.

Once the calibration has been carried out, you will obtain a certificate with easy traceability and with the guarantee of the calibration service.

At CISA we are at your disposal to clarify any doubts and advise you on the calibration of your laboratory equipment. Please contact our sales department and ask for a quote.

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