CISA at the Arablab show 2019 in Dubai

Cedaceria Industrial en Arablab 2019

CISA at the Arablab show 2019 in Dubai

In March 2019, Dubai plays host once again to the International Scientific Community when the annual ARABLAB show opens its doors. Billed as “The Global MultiLab Event”, the ARABLAB show is the only Laboratory & Analytical Show to be held in 2019 that will attract visitors from 100+ countries, including: End Users, Professionals, Suppliers, Manufacturers & Government delegations. The ArabLab is one of the most influential exhibition in the field of laboratory and instrumentation in the world. The tremendous growth in this dynamic industry has led to this trade fair to be the most important events of its kind in the United Arab Emirates counts.

The most prominent show for the global laboratory and analytical industry, Arablab represents a turning point for science and innovation. The event offers a unique opportunity to expand the reach and impact of the industry to a worldwide audience. More than 1,000 exhibitors are expected to be in attendance, showcasing the latest cutting-edge technologies from laboratories across the world. The forum will feature a series of sessions exclusively crafted around the core interests of participants, such as Foodlab, Medilab and Chemlab, to name a few. In addition to the exhibition, chemists, scientists, technicians and laboratory professionals will gain in-depth insight into next-generation technological advancements, via seminars, deminars, training courses and networking forums.

The ArabLab in Dubai place from Tuesday, 12. March to Thursday, 14. March 2019 and CISA will be present with a range of digital screening machines and our commercial team.

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